About company

About company

The individual enterprise of Mr. A. Baravykas named "Baltoji Savinge" was firstly registered on December 23, 1992. Later the enterprise changed its legal status and turned into JSC "Baltoji Savinge". The company is engaged in monument and stone blocks cutting and in a manufacturing of various granite products (staircases, fireplace finishes, window sills, other interior and exterior elements). An experience and the capital gathered within sixteen years, modernized production lines, established useful partnership and the convenient geographical location (our company is situated 40 km from Vilnius and 100 km from Kaunas) have decided a strategy of ours: every order is realised qualitatively and timely. Please come to our company in Puoriai village, Sirvintos region because we are determined to help and we will help you find an optimal solution correspondent to your expectancies and possibilities.


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